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Default Monitoring Audio Inputs


Think I have lost the plot here. I know this is basic stuff so please excuse me....

I have started a new session and recorded some midi drums using battery.

When I arm an audio track and play me guitar i hear it and get a good level.

When I hit play the song starts the drums play fine but..... My guitar vanishes only to reapper when I hit stop.

I know this is so bloody basic and I know i have done it a million times before but some parameter has changed and I just cant find out which one..

Can any one help me out and then hit me with a fish for being so silly ??

(Hiding my face in shame..)

PT LE 7.1
Powerbook G4 2Gb Ram 1.57Ghz 10.4.6
Digi 002
Latest and working version of Battery Drums - yes it does work!
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