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Default O1V - solution to limited I/Os & ability to use studio without booting 001?

Sometimes I just want to play my gear without booting up the 001. I also would like to hear the effects units I have, and not have to merge everything through channels 3&4 only to do so. Since the 001 lacks sufficient I/O's to allow stereo sends & returns without hogging up every input I have and I can't run more than about 10 plug-ins in a session without CPU errors would a yamaha 01V offer a solution by sending dedicated outs for each channel and using the effect sends & returns on the 01V instead of the Digi? It sure would be nice to sit down and play my gear some nights - and hear my Lexicon (in stereo) without booting up and fussing around with aux sends and such.
Thanks for any advice. This has been very frustrating.
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