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Default Re: Free Stereo Widening Plugin?

Originally Posted by mondoaction View Post
Thanks guys. I've tried downloading these plugins and can't get them to load. To be a compatible plugin with MP9, I believe they need to be RTAS or TDM. Is that correct? VSTs or AAXs won't work, right?
Correct(would have been a good idea to include this info at the start). RTAS is what you need(TDM is ONLY for use with TDM hardware and Pro Tools HD software. Many companies USED to offer RTAS, but whether they do now is anybody's guess(since RTAS went away with PT11, several years ago). I would think about either upgrading to newer Pro Tools(11 or newer) or maybe consider another DAW. On a tight budget, Reaper is totally capable(free to try and cheap to buy) and there's Cakewalk by Bandlab(formerly known as SONAR) which is totally free
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