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Default Re: legacy PACE License Support crashes Windows 10, couldn't install Pro Tools 11 (RE

After digging more, remembered I had an iLok account...

I've then been able to open a support ticket:
"Hello. Pro Tools 10 default plugins requires older iLok drivers to work (latest shows "User privileges insufficient to start a low level driver.") .
After installing legacy driver, running a fresh Win 10 Install, upon booting, computer blue screens incriminating Tpkd.sys because it requires "Interactive Services Detection Service" which was removed since Win 10 Version 1803.
I've been able to sort the booting issue, but the driver doesn't work, starting with loading BF-76.aaxplugin then other plugins fail as well. Can you please fix the driver or provide a workaround to make it work? Thank you"

PS: I'm still unable to get Tpkd.sys to load and work properly.
I've tried importing the exact same old iLok license manager (including the program service and everything) from my previous Win10: Does not work. Also I cannot find a way to retrieve the "Interactive Services Detection Service". My guess is it stays in Windows somehow if it's in use upon upgrade. Would need to start from build 1709 to keep it, if I'm right. No way I'm doing this. Prefer ditching pro tools and keep a secondary Windows 7 handy on a drive if I ever need it.
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