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Default Broken MBox and no support from Avid...

I've got an MBox3, not the mini or the pro, it's been knackered for months and I just can't get any support to fix/replace it.

The lights cycle over and over and my iMac doesn't recogise the hardware. It's a new iMac, I've tried different USB cables and even bought a powered USB hub - still not working.

I contacted the website that I bought it from soon after it first happened, the unit was working for about 3 months originally. The sales assistant said that I should contact Avid direct to get a replacement. I went on the Avid site and only saw a USA phone number, I'm in UK - then I went to the online support and was denied acces without an ASC number which I have to pay for!!!

I have an older HD system for work that's kept my busy but I really need my MBox for sketching ideas at home so I need to get this sorted.

I've been trying to find out how to contact Avid for support without having to shell out for an ASC but it looks like they only offer customer support if you pay for it - not happeing!

Can someone please tell me how to get a replacement MBox and some descent FREE support - I've seen this probelm mentioned before on forums/blogs so it looks like a known problem with the MBox 3s - what did you do to get through to support?
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