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Default Re: click not rendered when committing tracks in pro tools

Attached is a screenshot of what I am looking at and dealing with.

You can see the following tracks:

- Click track on Aux track sending to Bus 11-12
- bus track (my mix bus) receiving from Bus 11-12 and sending to 13-14 to print a mix in real time
- bus.cm4 (this is the committed bus track that gets created when I "commit tracks" with "Edit Selection")
- AdvY.... this is my live mix, if I print it in real time (which I have to do to get the click)

You can see that I have the "bus" track selected when choosing "Commit Tracks" and I have the entire length of the song with the clicks upfront selected as a selection and yet when I get the commited audio (the region called "bus.cm6") it has no clicks upfront... but the clicks upfront do show up in my live mix if I just record to the track.
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