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Default Mackie DXB

I am currently using a digi 002 at home and it is my only experiance with Pro Tools. I am now openning a studio with a "partner" and we are starting from scratch with new gear and want to BE and LOOK as professional as possible. We are planning to get a HD system (I have a few question about that also). I have been looking at the Mackie DXB for about a month now and i think its awsome (at least in theory) though it may be a bit pricy.

My prtner is a Nuendo user and I only use Pro Tools for recording vocals and mixing. I use Sonar for pre production. So I am looking for a "not just pro tools" solution for DAW controler.

My question is, is there anyone else using TDM that is considering this board?

Why or why not?

I know that the Control 24 and Pro control are options but (unless I am mistaken) they only control Pro tools.
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