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Default LE to HD migration..

i am looking to upgrade to HD, but have a few questions.

the accell cards and core cards are the required equipment to run HD right?
then from the cards i run it to the interface (a digi 96 io) ?

and the interface is where i plug in my microphones, and i can also lightpipe from the digi 96io to my digimax.. am i understanding this corrctley?

i was told that the digi 96 io 'blows' and i should get an auora 16.. but i was looking at it, and if i were to go that rought, i would also need to buy another interface for my standard digital inputs?

is this right or did i misinterpit something somewhere?

and i was thinking about getting the HD2 Core system used, (ebay, or gearsluts clasifieds) but is there anything wrong with purchasing such an expensive item used? if i did buy it used, i would have to have the ownership transfer right?

sorry i'm been reaserching this stuff and it is a little much to grasp for me.
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