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Default 002 looses connection...

Hey guys, hope you can help.
I've had a new 002 for about a month and it's been faultless. I'm running it all on a new G5 (non intel)...
As of yesterday however, it started playing up. doing one af a few things.
During playback or record (or general use), the 002 just crashes with the 1394 button going off and sample rate button going off. (leaving the mute button lit). One of the following messages appearing; "unable to locate Digi Design hardware........" OR "Protools is unable to reaquire the hardware because it is in use by another program.....".
For thr record, I am not using the 002 for any other program and I have reconnected all cables and leads (purchased a new fire wire just in case), nothin seems to work. It's at the point now where the 002, when switching it on, does so with the mute button lit only, nothing else. So Protools won't load or anything as there's no recognition.
I'm convinced this is not a Mac issue as a) there's plenty of space and b) the 002 is behaving this strange way.... With the amount of research I've done and read, I think it's a dodgy unit! Wonder if anyone else has had a similar issue........
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