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Default Re: !!Pro Tools 12 with m1 Mac Pro?!!

Hi Welcome to DUC

You should be asking four separate but related questions.

Will Pro Tools 12 run on Monterey. Nope.

Will Pro Tools 12 run on Monterey on Apple silicon. Double Nope.

Is *any* version of Pro Tools currently supported on Monterey. Triple Nope.

Is *any* version of Pro Tools currently supported on Monterey on Apple Silicon. Quadruple Nope. (you can see the compatibility tables for what *is* supported on Apple silicon)

Pro Tools compatibility charts are here, you need to be able to use these for yourself:

There is a promotion running until the end of the year to enable people to reinstate update plans so you can get on current versions of Pro Tools. Not that any current version is actually supported on Monterey, but if you want to move your Pro Tools 12 license to a current version I would take that in the hope of an upgrade in the next year that works on Apple silicon.

If not you likely will need to move to a subscription to get the latest Pro Tools when it supports Apple silicon, and whatever then supported macOS version.

There are lots of threads on DUC already about this, about issues trying to run under Monterey even though it's not supported, and very broken. Please go look at those threads.

*If* you can downgrade your M1 MBP to Big Sur, then you should be able to upgrade Pro Tools to a version that works now. Very recent MBP M1 Max/Pro likely cannot be downgraded, only older M1 MBP models that originally shipped with Big Sur.
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