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Default Re: Guitar Playback?

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Easiest way is to just create another audio track and use that to play your guitar into, with track input monitoring enabled. Use duplicate track to make it easy and delete the audio on that track.
Yeah, I had it all set up on another track but I didn't know there was such a thing called "Track Input Monitoring".

I had to Google the term and I found a video from BenoniStudios talking about it on PT12, and "how you needed to Hit "Alt-K", I'm glad he said that because I'm using PT11 .

Thanks a lot Daryl, I was clueless and this saved me a lot of trouble and much tearing out of what's left of my hair - I had a diabetes episode recently and I lost a LOT of hair. Knowing my luck it probably won't work with my setup but I'll give it a go

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