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Default MIDI Controllers won't let me select ProjectMix

Hi, I am working with Protools MP9, ProjectMix I/O and Macbook Pro 10.6.8

I have lost connection between PM and PT.

According to the PM Manual i must do the following:

With the ProjectMix I/O in Pro Tools mode, launch Pro Tools and select Hardware Setup > Peripherals > MIDI Controllers. Under Type, select HUI. Under Receive From, select ProjectMix I/O Control. Under Send To, select ProjectMix I/O Control.

My problem is that 'Midi Controllers' will Not let me select anything other than 'None' Can anybody please help me with this?

Somebody on here had the same ProjectMix Protools connection problem i'm struggling with, and filling in the Midi Controllers as above fixed the problem!

Why can't i select anything in MIDI Controllers? Please Help!!

Thanks again,
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