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Default Re: Need help getting audio into AVID through Adrenaline HD expansion box

"I ran the audio out of the Mackie Mixer using 3/4" plugs to the S/PDIF RCA jacks"

I assume you mean 1/4"(never seen a 3/4"plug)? Assuming the Mackie is all analog, it could not work connected to SPDIF as the 2 signals are completely different. What is the purpose of the Mackie? If its used as your mic preamp, then a line out(XLR or TRS) would go to one of the analog XLR inputs of the Adrenaline. More info might help.

Who originally set everything up(when it was working)? If it was you, then I would probably disconnect everything and start over(in hopes of discovering something mis-patched). Also, as I don't know what else might be involved, try to break the setup down to the absolute fewest pieces(to make troubleshooting easier). If you get the basics working, then start adding the extra stuff back in
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