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Default Latest Recommendation for Eucon Network Setup

See on various posts recommendations for a 5 G unmanaged switch, a higher level gaming router, dynamic IP or static IP etc.

I dont have a networking problem to present I would just like to have the most stable, reliable network setup for my S1 and Dock with my Mac.

I have a fairly straightforward setup - whats the ideal setup? - I don't mind buying stuff/configuring with new instructions etc

My current setup:

Dock and S1 with two current iPads

2013 Macbook Pro TB into Apple TB Cinema Display

Ethernet cable from Ethernet Port from Apple TB Cinema Display to Unmanaged Switch -D-Link Ethernet Switch, 5 Port Unmanaged Gigabit

Ethernet cables from Switch four remaining ports to Dock and S1 and to each iPad using apple Camera kit and usb ethernet adapter.

Display Ethernet has self assigned IP using DHCP

My setup is at home and I have wifi set up with Google Home Wifi wireless router but I do not use wifi for my Eucon setup so hopefully its snappier with all wired connections.

Is there an even more stable solution than this - static IP, router instead of switch etc that is recommended?
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