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Default Stuck with dead/demo-mode Kontakt 5.5 databases. Can the DUC help where N.I won't?

Hi all, I've been running Komplete Ultimate 9 since it came out, on a Mac Pro 5,1 PT10 HD rig.

The setup went from Mountain Lion to Mavericks at some point without any drama.

Recently the machine died (motherboard failure I believe), so I duly pulled all the cards, drives, iLoks etc out & stuck them in my backup Mac Pro 5,1.

Most of my plugins are on iLok, but a fair few things required authorising over the internet, as I guess they detected the motherboard had changed.

Anyway, after much re-authorising etc, absolutely everything is working again apart from Kontakt.

The plugin itself loads just fine within Pro Tools, but any library/database/instrument I load just goes in demo mode.

The Plugin version is Kontakt 5.5.2, which I believe is the last version that Pro Tools 10 will recognise. The next version along (5.6.8) won't load into Pro Tools 10, as I'm told its 64bit.

Here is the issue, for years Komplete 9 used a bit of software called 'Service centre' in order to authorise its plugins & instruments. I still have it on my machine.

They then switched a few years ago to something called 'Native Access'

Native access V 1.1.3 runs fine under Mavericks, so you'd think I'd be able to authorise everything?

Well here's the bug, Native access *thinks* all my Kontakt libraries are already authorised, but when I load them up it, they go into demo mode, ask for authorisation, which then attempts to run the now defunct 'service centre', which 'phones-home' to find no one picking up at the other end.

I'm basically stuck.

I've been mailing Native Instruments back & forth for over two weeks now, & honestly, no one there really cares. They just tell me to update, which of course I can't, as no newer version of either Kontakt (for instance 5.6.8) will run on PT10HD.

I can't 'de-authorize' a library, & try 're-authorizing' as there is no mechanism to do so.

I've tried deleting loads of different preference type files, hoping to make it work again, but still no joy.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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