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Default Re: License / plugins problem ?

Originally Posted by FESCHEIN View Post
I just purchased a DINR plugin and didn't realize it wasn't compatible to my protools version. I'm wondering what can I do about it or if there's any way to get reimbursed since I can't even click the download link?
Welcome to the Community

DINR v8.0 works (32-bit) Pro Tools 10
- however, will not work in (64-bit) Pro Tools 11 to Pro Tools 2021

DINR Downloads for Pro Tools 10:
Pro Tools 2021.10 & 12.5.1 HD - Studio One 5.4 Pro - Win10 64 Pro Lenovo W520 ThinkPads (Type 4276-37U) & 433830U Docks SSDs Samsung 860 Evo & 2 T5s - Mbox 3 Pro - Axiom Pro 49 - AIR Mini 32
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