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Default Possible fix for not playing from spacebar

I don't believe it myself, but I've been frantic lately because of the "not playing from spacebar" issue, which includes not recording from spacebar, etc. It's been really bad, and leads to -6088 errors (which I don't believe), and especially annoying the last day or two as I auditioned sound clips for mic placement, and by the time I heard the clip, I forgot what the previous one sounded like.

Anyway, I deleted databases and prefs, but I did one new thing. I deleted the contents of C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch . Then I rebooted. I opened PT and the play function behaved as normal - like I hadn't seen since 6.4. I was able to loop play and re-drag the loop and play continued. Every transport key works as it should, even doing stupid things that ought to stop it.

I've deleted databases and prefs before to no avail on this one. Somebody please tell me this is a coincidence and not a fix and that the transport bug will come back at a really bad time. Please assure me that what I did couldn't possibly affect the bug, and I'm still doomed. But for 45 minutes and two reboots, it's still working.

But less than one hour does not a fix confirm...

I look forward to your grilling, and please destroy my optimism. I can't write songs with no problems!
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