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Default Protools 12 and Apogee One USB 1.1


I'm trying to record using an Apogee One into a Macboo pro 2019. It's powering on and being detected when connected to my Macbook but I'm not able to select as Input in a session as it ghosted grey. I am able top playback audio in the PT session but I'm not able to select record. I have Shure SM 58 hooked up.

The Apogee One is is selectable as an audio device when opening another DAW like Garageband or Logic.

I have followed all the procedures but I still can not see apogee ONE as an input device in protools. Is there a compatability issue. What do I need to do?

Iv'e followed the procedures on this link. I have sufficient ram and harddrive and I'm on a macbook pro 16.

Any help would be much appreciated

Thank you
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