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Default Re: digi 001 vs. MOTU 1224

Not quite Dan, Just a few things to be aware of. AMIII is NOT a host system. it runs off the card. That means there's NO latency with 4.3 AMIII. There is a TC ruler and you can pull the frame rate up or down. And 4.3 AMIII Locks to REAL TC not midi TC.

With 4.3 AMIII you can have 128 virtual tracks. this is very important if you are trading with a PT MIX system running more than 24 tracks. LE can only have 24 tracks and NO duplication of voices. So If I want to create a 25th track to store muted tracks forget it.

LE also can't select dis connected regions. In 4.3 you could get around this with the nudge. Not in LE, When you nudge into a new region - it will write over it.

I think 4.3 AMIII users will find some of their favorite ways to work gone in LE.
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