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Smile Re: Protools 8.0.5 Helpp!!! (No signal or sound!!!) :(

Yeah, I've kind of realised that now people keep saying it's only for midi controlled sounds.

That's what I don't understand I pretty sure I'm doing everything right :S

Yes I am recording to a 1TB external HD although I tried recording straight to the C:drive and nothing still, it's been a pain I've tried everything I can think of, it's the first time I've had to join a forum for answers, even though still, no solution to the issue.

After writing all of this, I loaded up a new session to take a screen shot and it recorded! The only thing is, there's no signal level but I can hear the sound, I assumed there was no sound, because there was no signal level (which still confuses me, as there should be) when I was either playing the guitar or tapping the microphone, but then again there wasn't a waveform made when I tried recording before and i surely would of heard the sound, so I don't know what was wrong before lol! I'm just happy its working!

Thanks for trying to help I appreciate it!
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