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Default MBOX2PRO + Onboard Audio

I'm building a new PC right now but with my current PC, i have to go into device manager and disable/enable the Mbox driver if I want to go into Pro Tools.(otherwise i get no sound).

Supposedly this is because the mbox can only handle one application at a time however, when I'm already in Pro Tools I can use other applications like winamp or google chrome to listen to audio simultaneously. As annoying as this is I've gotten used to it.

What I'm thinking about doing with my new build is just getting a second pair of speakers for the onboard soundcard and keeping this pair of speakers just for the mbox2 output. The idea being not having to disable or enable any drivers at all.

Has anyone had a setup similar to this that could shed some light? Will it cause any conflicts? It's basically two soundcards with their own set of speakers.
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