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Angry Protools 8.0.5 Helpp!!! (No signal or sound!!!) :(

The issue: I can get a signal through the Mbox mini2, there are levels showing and I can hear the sound, but even though everything seem's to be correct such as inputs and outputs and my arming tracks ready for recording, it just wont record.
I've looked at countless forums and there doesn't seem to be a solution, my laptop is efficient enough to run protools and I was able to record before linking up my midi keyboard, since I did that it doesn't seem to want to record but I get signal and sound which I don't understand, also I only get a signal through an instrument track and not an audio track which confuses me as with vocals and guitar I'm supposed to use a mono audio track but when I do use a mono audio track I get neither signal or sound unlike the instrument track. This happens with both vocal and guitar, the microphone I use is a Shure SM58 so there is no need for phantom power, the monitor mix is turned all the way right and input 1 and 2 are turned up enough to hear and record, also the headphone/speaker knob is turned up enough and at the back of the box none of the button's are switched in as they are not needed.
Any help would be much appreciated thanks.
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