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Default Re: Sound Quality Lost After Importing Files

Heres a little weird addition to this...i put all my songs back to the Korg 1600 that i had backed up before putting them on PTS. well i cleaned my vocal tracks on when i restored the original vocals back to the Korg, they were still dirty. So i thought hell let me try this, and i just made WAV files of the clean vocals on PTS...and imported them back to the 1600. I put it side by side with the original, its just as strong, exact same reading, exact same sound. Are the d/a converters of the m-box THAT BAD that it makes everything sound so weak on PTs...i thought maybe it was a generation lost by importing them, but i exported the edited files, and put them back to the 1600, and not a big of sound quality was lost.

The only thing i have a hard time figuring is, when i made a CD of a mix on PTs, even the CD sound was weak....put i can make a CD of the same song on the 1600, with the vocal FROM an export of PTs, and get a much better sound...
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