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Default TDM Mix plus 3, I can\'t see the 24 I/Os only shows 16

I just upgraded to PT6.4 on OSX10.3.9 on a G4 and I am using 1 core and 2 farm cards that individually connect to 3x 888/24.
When I look at the Audio Core set up PT only sees 16 I/Os when it should recognize 24 I/Os with this system.
The DigiTest shows that the Core and 2 farm cards are working fine.
By process of elimination and many hours wasted I found that the 3 888s are working fine and the cables are OK. I can swop the modules back and forth but I only get 16 outs, in combination of module A B or A C or B C, but not ABC at the same time.
I am getting very frustrated.
Please help.
Thank you.

Here is more info....days later
I checked the Show System Usage and card #1 and #2 show Mix Engine 100% but card #3 does not show any mix engine. Card #3 does show Stereo Mixer 24
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