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Default Protools LE 7.1.1 crashes on launch

In OS 10.4.8 on an otherwise stable G4 system suddenly pro tools crashes on launch, no error message, it never even makes it to the splash screen. In addition digi core audio manager will launch but crashes when I try to access HW setup. Yet the core audio driver and the MBox work fine with any core audio stull like LogicPro 7.2. I've tried dumping preferences and everything. Even tried pulling all of the plugins. Repaired permissions all of that. I've re-installed pro tools as well and still no go. So what can this be. What am I missing?
PT 10.3.10, 12.4, Logic Pro 9.1.8 Logic Pro X 10.1, Ableton Live 9, Studio One 3.x DP 9 Sibelius 8.5 OS 10.8.5 Mac Mini with Lion Server 2.0ghz quad I7 16 gbs ram, UAD Apollo Twin . PT Mix Plus PT 6.4.1 TDM Mac OS 10.3.9 G4 450 mhz 1 gb ram, Digi 882/20. And a bunch of hard drives.
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