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Default Help with renewing please...thanks kids

Hello friends,

I'm a music teacher at an elementary school and use Pro Tools in the classroom on a daily basis. Just renewed my perpetual license....1 support plan...and got my verification code for renewing an educational license.

I can't find the specific renew link like show in the Avid video. There is a box for a reinstatement code, but that does not work for my verification code.

Is Avid still dropping our new PT version into our accounts like in the past, or is there a new way of doing things. I attached a picture of my account if that helps. 2019 is not in my download links most likely because I cannot figure out how to get them this renewal code. lol

Any ideas you have would be great. I still can't escape PT, just too many good features I need that other DAWs just don't do as well.

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