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Default Re: sync and time code

As I understood from your post you want Pro Tools to record timecode stamped audio in it. So all 48 tracks will be time coded BWF files and have corresponding placement on timeline for future OMF export to FCP.
If it's correct you can connect to your Sync i/o box SMPTE in camera TC out.
And the camera video out (or ref. out) to Sync i/o Video in or Ref. in. Your Sync i/o should be connected to the core card's serial port and Sync Word Clock out to Interface (192i/o ?) Word Clock in. Put your Pro Tools (apple +2) session setting to listen to your sync i/o. Clock source to Video in and Positional Rference to LTC or VITC/LTC. Now your PT will be locked to picture.
press apple+J and you are ready to go.
PT will record with exact time code generated by camera.
Some cameras however don't have TC out. In this case you can take time code from FCP video interface.
After recording done you can export OMF of corresponding session to FCP.

Hope this help.

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