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Default Beat Markers Appearing As Elastic Audio Markers

OK. I Extracted Tempo Map's (Generated Beat Markers In Beat Detective) From The Drum Track's (The Band Didn't Play To A Click) Now, The Session Tempo Comes Back Perfectly In Time With The Drums.... Here's The Weird Part... Obviously, Now I Have The Option Of Conforming The Rest Of The Band To The Drum Track. When I Look At The "Warp" Markers, In Say, A Guitar Track. I Have Sync Points Already Embedded (Based On The Tempo Map) In My Warp Field.... Question Is, How Do I Turn This "Off" So That I Can Adjust The Elastic Audio Warp Sensitivity "Then" Quantize?
Hopefully One Of You Understands My Problem...

Still Using PT 9.0.1 OS10.6.8
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