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Default Ongoing woes with the Virus Indigo plugin

Hi, this is my first post here; I've been trying to find some thread related to the same issue, but without any luck, so here goes nothing.

I purchased an Mbox Mini 2 bundled with a copy of Pro Tools 7.4 LE a while ago. I've been using Pro Tools for audio mixdowns exclusively, doing all my MIDI sequencing in Renoise and Ableton, and recording audio in Auria Pro running on an iPad in a Focusrite dock (a godsend if you're using a sensitive mic in a bedroom studio since there's absolutely no noise, and the preamps are pretty decent IMO, but I digress). Then I picked up a copy of Virus Indigo TDM on eBay, bubbling with joy and excitement, which proved to be very short-lived, unfortunately. First of all, the bloke who'd sold me the Mbox could not remember the password to his iLok account. The first-generation iLok with the Pro Tools licence works, but I'd had to buy another one (registered to an account I subsequently created for myself) to activate the Indigo plugin. Well, I've installed and activated the plugin, and Pro Tools sees it when it fires up (or at least lists it among the allegedly loaded plugins), but still fails to display the instrument in the plugin menu.

I'm completely out of my depth here, and relevant information seems to be very scarce indeed. Is there any reason why TDM plugins may not run on the Mbox Mini? No Motorola processor, perhaps? Would buying a used PCI farm card fix things? Any chance of a hack that would allow the plugin to take advantage of similar processors on my first-generation Powercore card (yes, I know they have their own Virus plugin, but I haven't got a valid licence, and they've stopped supporting licence transfers for legacy products, anyway)? Or is it because I have two iLoks (and different models to boot)? Or could it be something else entirely? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation,

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