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Default Re: Avid Fast Track C400 SPDIF loop not working

Ok, so I managed to make the loop by setting the clock source SPDIF in the interface's menu.
Works when testing with the C400's Control Panel app, in spite of some minor clicks and pops.

The TC processor only supports 48k sampling rate when it's being used as a master clock.
When I start ProTools, the whole machine almost freezes and the audio interface freezes as well. I have to turn off the TC, unplug and replug the interface and, only after that, I can use it again...

The only viable solution I have is:
Record through the interface and at mix-time plug the processor's analogue RETURNS into the C400's analogue inputs while still using the interface's SPDIF out for SEND.

So, i guess it's a sync issue. Any suggetions? :)

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