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Default Re: Eleven Rack not recognized after a OS boot or reboot.

The 11R is plugged in a direct USB port. No hub used.
Unchecked all "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" options.

The driver version installed is: 1.0.11
11R firmware: 2.0.1

Reboot the laptop and 11R is not listed in the USB devices. The iLok is listed.

Re-installed the 1.0.11 drivers, still doesn't show up after a boot.

Went to and verified all my chipset drivers are up-to-date.

Don't know why the installed version of Protools is important, ver. 10.0.1. In fact, Protools won't start unless it sees the 11R.

When I look at the "Device Manager", "Generic USB Hub Properties", the Power tab lists the 11R as a "USB Composite Device". Is this correct? All other USB devices are listed by their proper names, "iLok", "EPSON Perfection 4180".

Not listing the 11R as its proper name in the "Generic USB Hub Properties" indicates to me there problem with the driver.


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