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Default PT 9.0.1 Edit window view jumps forward

For the last little while i have been having an issue where if i click on the time ruler to start playback from a specific spot (normally while audio is already playing), it will playback from the specified place, but the whole view of the Edit window jumps forward about 30 or 40 bars

Its not stopping work from getting done, but its super annoying! I find myself having to re-adjust the view to go back to where i was trying to focus in on...

It doesn't happen ALL of the time, but it sure is annoying! Perhaps a phenom of the magicmouse?

Anyone have any tips or suggestions to clear this up?

13 inch MacBookPro (2010 core2duo 4gigs Ram)
Latest OS updates in place
Protools 9.0.1
Euphonix MC Control
RME Fireface UC
G technology FW800 Drive (1tb)
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