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Default Brand New S1 and Dock - Confused


I appreciate any insight into this but I just bought both the Avid S1 and Dock, both are running Avid Control and I could use some clarification please.
I also purchased a new iPad Pro (2021) 12.9" that I intend to use with the S1 and another 10.2" iPad I'd like to dedicate to the Dock.

I have EuControl setup and it sees all Control Surfaces as well as Control running on both iPads but my hope was to use the Dock and it's fader for any focused channel and automation. On the S1 I am unable to get all encoders to see my plugin parameters so I can change them with these encoders. The iPad Pro displays the 1st 8 faders and the smaller iPad displays the Meters after I did the following...

After watching a YouTube video it showed a specific order in which I should add the control surfaces and Control apps in EuControl. That order was this: 1) Add the S1, 2) drag the smaller iPad which sits in the Dock on top of the S1 in EuControl and its Linked, 3) Add the Avid Control app which is running on the larger iPad Pro and 4) Add the Dock

Now on the larger iPad which is on the S1I select Channel then on my focused fader I select a plugin, let's assume an EQ. This is where I am confused; the OLED displays on the S1 channels only show the track names and Pan. How do I have them and the encoders allow me to change the plugins parameters?

Lastly, I'm just curious what most of you use a combined Dock with an S1 for. I have yet to see how the Jog wheel is used. I apologize but I have read and watched quite a bit on this but am unable to proceed.

Thanks in advance for any help!!
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