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Default Command 8 LED meters are dead

It's ancient, I know, but I got it for almost nothing a couple of years ago, and now, in combination w/SSL UC1 plugin controller, I have a way to mix without looking at screens, and I love it.
The Command 8 is still working thru the latest versions of PT, I guess because of the simple midi communication it uses for connection.

The LED meters don't work. They never did. Except I'm quite shure I remember them working before, but only slightly lighting up the -48db LED. But I didn't care, and just left it. I remember searching for a way to have them be "louder" without succes.

Now, as I'm putting together a setup w/UC1 that lets me mix without looking at screens, I really could use the visual feedback of those meters.

I did the Command 8 utility check, and the LEDs themselves are working fine, so I guess it's a question of PT meter data not getting to the C8. Everything else is working fine.

Any thoughts? Anything at all.
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