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Default Re: Swiched to Mac, now have missing plugins


2) I need to find a way to get the EQ II and compressor, gate, dyn II etc. plugins (from 6.4) back into Pro Tools on the Mac like they were on the PC. When I upgraded to 7.3 on the PC I had to move them from the unused plug-ins folder back into the active plug-in folder to get them to work with 7.3 once I upgraded, but I have no idea how to get them to my Macbook’s Pro Tools. I tried copying them manually from the PC’s plug-in folder to the Macbook’s but that didn’t work, I don’t think they’re cross platform. Any ideas? I know they’re older plug-ins but I have active sessions which use them and I really don’t want to have to replace them with newer plug-ins and have to adjust the parameters all over again.

You have to do the same thing. On installation of 7.3 the dyn II and eq II were moved to the plugin inactive folder. you can get to the plug in folder by going through the alias but that just takes you to the active plugs. it wouldn't hurt you to know the actual address: \\Mac HD\Library\Application Support\Digidesign. At this address you'll find several folders (2 of which you're looking for). Just move them back from plugins inactive to the plugins folder.
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