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Default PT 5.1.1 - Sync Mode selection in Session Setup dialog


I've just upgraded to PT 5.1.1. I've noticed something weird when changing Sync Mode in the Session Setup dialog. PT 5.1.1 lets you cycle through all three options (internal,optical,S/PDIF) even when you don't have an optical or S/PDIF digital input. For example, I have an ADAT lightpipe connected, but no S/PDIF input. I can now select S/PDIF to sync from. Previously, PT 5.1.0 would have thrown up a message box :-

"A clock source could not be detected on the selected external input. Internal sync mode will now be used ...",

If I sync to the optical input, and record from the ADAT, I get the pops and clicks you'd expect from a clock mismatch. It's as though 5.1.1 is always stuck on internal sync.

I've reverted back to 5.1.0 - everything is fine. Would be nice to use the new features, though.

Anyone seen similar problems ??

GigaByte GA-X58A-UD3R, Win7 64-bit, PT 12.6, RME Fireface UFX / ADI-8
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