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Default Re: Pro Tools hardware requirements.

I would either build a custom PC, or buy from a seller that specializes in "Audio" computers(or "pro tools" computers if indeed Pro Tools is the preferred DAW. Sweetwater and are 2 options for that). No regular computer retailer is likely to hit the mark on this.

Just some personal observations:
1-i9 is great, but i7 can also work well(but I am a firm believer in building a PC for the future so you don't out-grow it in a year or two.
2-Why Pro Tools? A valid question, and my feeling is, what's the purpose here? If your son is a musician and songwriter, Studio One might be a better option, as is Logic Pro(but this requires Mac) or CuBase. If your son wants to be an engineer, then Pro Tools makes more sense(at least to me as I also work with it as an engineer, more than a musician). The "why" of this is down to the way PT handles audio, vs how it handles arranging and midi instruments.
3-While a new PC is a fine option, there are some others worth considering, such as a used Mac Pro(trash can style), iMac 27" with i7 quad or(on the PC side) an off-lease HP Z820 12 core(I bought mine for $1100 from Digital2000, which is an eBay seller).
4-you NEED a decent interface to do any serious recording, so budget for that too.
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