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Default Re: 002 Rack Line input low level

Sounds like your gain staging is screwy somewhere... Figure it out part by part:

Does the Joe Meek have any kind of metering or an overload led? If so drive it until you are getting a hot signal at that point.

Joemeek preamp (unbalanced) with input almost peaking and output gain nearly at its max give max -16/-12db in protools
at -10 or at +4 on the 002?? Is this without going through the compressor? If, not try it that way to see what you get.

with no gain attenuation and output level set to 0 db come back with almost 10 db of attenuation or more.
If I understand this correctly it sounds like a problem.. You're saying your settings should mean no attenuation, but it is attenuating anyway? Is there a bypass to test this?
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