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Default 002 Rack Line input low level

I own a digi 002 rack, with a dbx 266 xl and a joemeek preamp connected to the line inputs 5-8.
dbx outputs are set to +4 dbu, joemeek delivers high level outputs and 002 line inputs are set to accept +4 dbu levels.
Despite all that, input levels shown in protools are hopelessly too low.

- dBx compressor (balanced) when used as an external insert (i.e: thru line 5 output-input) with no gain attenuation and output level set to 0 db come back with almost 10 db of attenuation or more.

- Joemeek preamp (unbalanced) with input almost peaking and output gain nearly at its max give max -16/-12db in protools

If someone has already encountered this kind of troubles or knows what it's all about; let me know..
Thanx <font color="#666666">
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