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Default OSX G5 Set Up Assistant and PT

Has anyone used this tool to migrate from g4 to g5? I just got a G5 dual 2.0 and I was thinking of just connecting my G4 as a target FW drive and using the migrate tool.. Will this work? Obviously with the exception of disc or challenge auths which I assume will have to be re done anyway.. thanks

hd accel 2
Pt 6.7cs8
G5 dual 2.0 (pending install)
2.5 gigs ram
Intel Nehalem 8 Core 2.26 w/10 gigs of Ram
4 internal sata drives (1 terabyte)
Magma Pci to PCIe 6 slot chassis
PT 8cs3
HD 2 Accel
1 Process Card
UAD quad
PT 8.0.1 cs 1
OSX 10.5.8
Ctrl 24
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