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Default Eleven Rack and G major 2: help! (FX loop)

Hey guys!

I want to use the 11R amp sims and G major 2 effects:

What is the correct way of connecting the g major to the eleven rack through the FX loop with two short cables? im using left (mono) input/output and it sounds very good. inside the eleven rack, could I place the FX loop where I want?

I noticed that If I put the "FX LOOP" box at the end of the signal chain the effects from the g major it sounds really really good, except for the whammy (sounds too digital) and WAH ('toe up' position sounds loud and harsh and "toe down" sounds low, very low).

And if I do the reverse, at the start of the signal chain or just before the amp, the reverb sounds horrible and all the modulation effects sounds awful but the whammy and wah sound pretty good. So... Is there a way to make all the FX from the g major sound good inside the eleven rack? where i should place the "fx loop" for all the FX to sound good?

I know that reverbs and other effects use to sound good at the end of the signal chain, and wah and whammy sounds pretty good before the amp. My problem is that i cant place them all separately.

Im really frustrated!

Thank you :)!
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