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Default Best Hardware Stereo Compression for Drums, Under $2000?

I've been trawling the 'net to get an idea of the best stereo hardware compressor (or 2 x mono), mainly for DRUMS that I can buy for under $2000 (and i mean under $2000 including ebay bargains - retail seems to be way more expensive).

Man, there is *too* much information out there.

Some that I have read discussiom about so far...

Rupert Neve 5043 Comp Duo
Universal Audio 2LA2A (reissue - and again, opinions are divided... not sure if i'll find two original mono units so cheaply..)
DBX 162 VU, 160X
Art Pro VLA II

Software is great and getting better but I'm far from convinced I can get drums to breathe and pop as nicely as I could with some good hardware compression.

Any advice? Sound clips to illustrate?
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