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Default Re: Drums - SUB MIX or TWO MIC METHOD

Hmmm.............thinking through it, the way you suggest may work better in terms of giving you the true stereo image the room mics would record if you were able to multitrack on many channels running room mics on an acoustic kit. I'll have to try it.

I do them one at a time to maintain the stereo image created by the overheads. There's no stereo image cross bleed into the room mic played back one at a time. And since the mic is equal distance from the PA speaker when both sides are recorded I believe phasing is consistent. Maybe not an issue. However, now that I think about it, I'm creating an unnatural recording since two open room mics would naturally have some bleed which is why I think your appraoch may be better. I'm a novice on the recording end. Basically a drummer that does some recording vs. an engineer who plays drums!!!

Try it both ways and compare. Would be interesting to hear what you think. I plan to do it later so I'll report back as well.
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