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Default UAD-1 and Native Instruments

I'm new to Pro Tools having just received M-Powered 7 to use with my M-Audio 410. I'm a very long time Cubase user and have to admit there is a bit of a learning curve so far with Pro Tools but I'm eager to get up to speed and become fluent in both systems. My problem so far is getting my UAD-1 card and my Native Instruments soft-synths up and running. I thought I did my homework and checked that both of these were compatible with Pro Tools. Is it possible that what I'm missing is a wrapper as PT doesn't do AU or VST? If this is what's needed, I'm sure there are a bunch of users out there doing this (if there are wrappers, which is the best one). I've searched this site as well as this forum and haven't really found any info at all, which has me a bit worried. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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