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Default Clearance sale, Protools HD, Speakers, Interfaces, Control24, Microphones etc etc

Due to changes in family relationships, far too high rent and lack of both time and work, I have decided to sell my entire recording rig.

For a while this have been listed in some newspapers and a few website but there are still major parts of the rig available.

I have no problems sending the gear if you donīt can pick it up, we work something out. Paypal, C.O.D or similair method works fine with me.

Most of the stuff could be split up into pieces aswell, i really need to get rid of it since i have zero space in our appartment for big fancy studio gear.

Anyway, hereīs whatīs left:

Protools HD3 Rig
Accel PCie Cards, Fresh!
1 x 192 Interface + 1x 96 i/o interface.
(24 analog i/o total)
Protools 10 License
Digilink cables & TDM flexicables comes along aswell.

Rock solid rig, works like a charm!

Price: Around $4000, but itīs arguably

(will keep the mac for my new supercool studio (15sqm), shared with a baby )

Digidesign Control 24
What can i say?
A beast that got new faders as a part of refurbishing last year.
Changed my mine and used the Mc Mix system instead due to lack of space.
Works flawless and is just tested!

Price: $3000

Euphonix Mc Mic + MC Control

1 x Mc Control
3 x Mc Mix
Total of 28 faders (!!)

Not a single scratch on anyone.

Price: $2700

Dynaudio AIR 15
Pair with remote

Price: $3300

Digidesign 888/24 interface
Have two of these bastards left, works like a charm aswell.
Anyone intrested? Have seriously no idea about a pricetag on these ones,
havnīt seen them for sale in ages.

Have alot of microphones aswell, but havnīt figured out wich ones iīd like to keep

PM me and iīll make you a list of what i have.

Remember, everthing is arguably
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