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Default Re: PT 10 - eleven rack - akai mpk25 and midi out

The akai is just a controller. You need to have a source for the sound. Like a plug-in instrument inserted on an instrument track. Or a hardware synth connected to the audio inputs and brought into PT via an aux or an audio track..

Actually, an MPC60 is nothing like your MPK because it is actually a sound source/ synth, so that is not the right way to define it in your midi studio. You would be better off leaving it undefined, as it is only sending out MIDI.. You don't need to have access to patch lists for it or anything like that..

As far as your inputs, output go, you're really not making much sense, for example "I cannot choose 11R as the output since it is my DAW I/O." You're just not really explaining things correctly, I think. If it is the DAW I/O then it has to be the output by default, right? Or are you talking about some other kind of "output"

This also is mixed up "So I can see events happening in the midi and aux mix/edit views." So you have MIDI tracks? and aux tracks? But if you don't have a source for audio, what are you using an aux for?

One thing that can usually be helpful is if you post a screenshot of your session (mix window) to photobucket
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