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Default Focusrite Liquid Mix with Pro Tools LE - Feedback please.

Hey fellow users. Was thinking about purchasing a Liquid Mix unit to use with PT (LE 7.1). Anybody have any feedback on these units and how well they integrate with pro tools? I'm particularly concerned about stability, and latency issues. I don't plan on tracking through it, but I'm more concerned with it's playback along with other Midi/ Audio tracks that are not using Liquid Mix plug-ins. I often mix as I go, so I would like to be able to have Liquid Plug ins active on recorded tracks, while still recording new tracks, but I'm afraid this would cause even more latency issues. It's hard enough keeping track of what sounds late due to latency vs what really is late when I'm composing a new track with vst's/hardware synths/ and recorded audio tracks.
Also would I be able to use Liquid Mix as a Master Bus compressor while I'm mixing without issue - would that compensate for latency on individual tracks during playback? I'd like some insight on mixing with the Liquid Mix in PT to see if this unit is right for me. Thanks for any advice / feedback.
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