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Default Re: error messages with Pro Tools LE 7.3.1cs4 Update for Win

tonight i moved the mbox 2 to my mac and ran the firmware updater without a hitch. but since my mac's main interface is a firewire 1814 (with protools mpowered, natch) i then removed the mbox 2 and moved it back to the pc.

next i uninstalled protools le 7.3.1cs4 and the device drivers and restarted. that did not remove 3 references to the mbox 2 in the device manager, so i manually uninstalled them (mbox firmware update under usb controllers!, and mbox 2 midi and usb audio device from sound video and game controllers)

next i installed protools le 7.3, restarted, then the previous 7.31 update and a restart. launch worked ok until end when it generated a DAE error -1115 was encountered when it hits the DigiTranslator. I don't recall installing the DigiTranslator, and don't have any codes for it, and the instructions to remove it through the add/remove programs menu doesn't help because it doesn't show up where. So where is the Digi Translator and how do I remove it manually? When attempting to reinstall then remove, upon installing I see a failure message stating "This installer was unable to configure this machine to allow ProTools operation by non-Administrative user accounts. This installation of ProTools can only be run from an account with Administrator privileges. The error is: unable to access c:\program files\installshield installation information\{big long ass string I cannot read the end of}
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