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Default Re: Advice On Mac OS update from 10.15.7 --- or not

Originally Posted by dominicperry View Post
Make sure you have a backup. Make sure you have a backup of the backup.
You can use CCC to make a bootable external clone of your entire boot disk, and resort to running off that if you make a mess of your internal disk.Dominic
Thanks Dominic. I have a plan now that has not yet been implemented. I'll probably try jumping to Monterey. Because I keep both computers separate/fully independent of one another I'm not going to start messing around with using the other as a PT computer but after half a week of research, study and prep, I'm going to haul the drive enclosure with the NVMe SSD over TB3 connection down to the basement, install the new OS onto it, and take it for a trial run. Or else create a separate volume in the disk container on the computer itself to install the other OS to (one or the other but probably using the external drive).

Once things are confirmed I'll do a clean OS install to the Mac. This should accomplish what I want and reduce/eliminate the (irrational) stress that I've always suffered through prior to any OS change. Thanks for the advice.

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