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Default Re: Advice On Mac OS update from 10.15.7 --- or not

Originally Posted by dominicperry View Post
I'm not completely clear about what you have - you say you have two machines, but only list one. Are they both 2019 MBP's? Do they both have Catalina?
Thanks for the reply and feedback. To clarify, I have two machines but only run Pro Tools on one, which is the computer I listed the specs for. They are both 2019 MBPs. They are both Intel models. They both have Catalina 10.15.7.

The difference is that one has a more powerful GPU and is reserved for video editing, Davinci Resolve, etc. The other MBP is my quote/unquote "studio computer." The overlap is that in order to livestream from that "Studio Computer," (Skype lessons, livestreams, etc), I use another piece of BlackMagic hardware. But there's no actual video processing/Resolve work going on with the basement "studio" computer. Turns out that I can't update the software controller for the video switcher I use downstairs without updating the Mac OS X. Which is how I got to this question and rumination.

It has come to my attention that it is possible to create a separate volume within the disk container and update the OS on that, as a way to audition an update without wiping the previous one out. Having said that, does anyone here have advice on doing that or not, as it pertains to a fresh install. I've done in-situ updates before but never a fresh install. Obviously I'd like to avoid a catastrophe at all costs. Which leads to questioning how Big Sur or Monterey are doing for other PT users. This is the conundrum. Things are stable right now. I'd rather PT be stable and tell BlackMagic Design to buzz off than to update any OS for a non PT item and then, as Walter Sobchak says, end up in a world of pain with buggy UI/graphics or playback issues. As Walter resolves to finish his coffee, in that case and if that's the issue, then I resolve to stay on Catalina and refrain from cursing in a family restaurant (I do one day need to digitize those Autobahn masters though).

Frankly, the Avid page itself sort of spooked me unto itself:

"Pro Tools Big Sur/Monterey Notes:
Our testing has shown that certain configurations may result in a higher incidence of playback errors. This is particularly prevalent with older MacBook Pros."
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